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    A Trip to The Tiny House Jamboree

    Last August, my husband and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, from Columbus, Ohio, and it has been such a great decision for us so far!  We are both very outdoorsy, we love hiking, biking, running and everything outdoors, so it was a perfect fit for us.  Before we moved, I had read a book called “Minimalism, Live a Meaningful Life” by Joshua Fields Millburn, and it was a very inspirational read for me.  It is about how experiences in life are much more important than materialistic things, and how our society tends to forget that.  I was definitely one of those people.  I had a ton of clothes, shoes, things I didn’t need or had not even used in years.  In the book, they talk about downsizing and how getting rid of the things that don’t bring you any happiness, can make you a much happier person.  At first, I was scared/nervous/anxious to go through so many years worth of things and let go of them, but once I did, I felt 10000% better!  This book influenced me to live a more purposeful life that involves experiences and not just materialistic objects that don’t bring me any joy.  Once we moved, we had so much less stuff, so we moved into a smaller apartment at about 600 square feet (our last apartment was around 1400).  I don’t buy unnecessary things anymore because there is no room for them, and I also don’t find a need for many items any longer.

    All of this brings me to my post topic which is about the Tiny House Jamboree.  Downsizing has helped open up the idea of even smaller living for us, one day. The Jamboree took place in Colorado Springs at the United States Air Force Academy by Falcon Stadium.  There were TONS of tiny housing options set up in a large field for you to tour all day long.  You can even chat with builders, asking them questions or any concerns you may have.  It was a really cool experience to see the tiny houses in person and not just on HGTV shows from my living room.

    We plan on downsizing again eventually, maybe in a year or two, but until then I will continue to live a smaller and more simple life and I encourage you to at least give it a shot.  If you think it isn’t for you, maybe just read the book that I mentioned above and see how you feel then.  Maybe it isn’t for everyone but it has brought me an incredible amount of joy to not be attached to “things”.

    If you’re interested in going to the Jamboree this year, it will be taking place at the same venue in Colorado Springs and all of the information you need is posted on their website at

    Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my pictures below of some of the tiny homes.